Spumante Brut Metodo Classico

This was the first sparkling wine to be made by Antica Cascina Conti di Roero, and it was created for fun. Gigi has a passion for bubbly, so in 2009, we started making it, with a particular aim: to use exclusively the native grape varieties grown on the estate. In this case, Arneis and Nebbiolo, picked before they are fully ripe, when the acidity is still very evident.

Municipal district: Vezza d’Alba

Grape variety: 80% Arneis, 20% Nebbiolo

Exposure: south-east

Altitude (above sea level) 250 metres

Soil: lime and sand with a small percentage of clay

Vine training system: Espalier-Guyot

Age of vineyard: 20 years

Harvest: the grapes are harvested by hand into 20-kg crates at the end of August.

Vinification: immediately after hand-picking and meticulous selection, the grapes are soft pressed. The must is left to settle and then undergoes temperature controlled fermentation at 17-18°C in steel tanks. In spring, the base wine, with the addition of sugar and selected yeasts (“liqueur de tirage”), is bottled. The bottles are laid down horizontally in large crates and kept at a constant temperature of 12-14°C for at least 18 months, during which the prise de mousse takes place (2nd fermentation). Subsequently, the bottles undergo “remuage” (shaking) to detach the sediment from the sides of the bottle and encourage it to move towards the cork of the bottle, which is now positioned upside down. This is followed by “dégorgement” (disgorging or elimination of the lees) and the topping up of the bottles with a small dose of “liqueur d’ expédition”. The sparkling wine is then corked and left to rest in the bottle for a few months before being released for sale.

Ageing: at least 36 months in the bottle, on its own yeasts.

Sugar: 6 g/l

Sensorial overview: bright straw yellow with a fine, persistent perlage; scents of crusty bread and acacia blossom; elegant, fresh with good acidity

Serving temperature: 6-8 °C

Pairing: pre-dinner drinks, shellfish plateau royal, sushi, risottos, pasta dishes and main courses featuring fish, vegetables or white meats

Our recommendation: linguine with cured mullet roe and organic lemon zest

Where to drink it: on a terrace by the sea